KISS – special LA KISS concert Honda Center 10/29/2014

Last night, the LA KISS messaged me and said that I won 2 tickets for the KISS concert tonight and 4 bobbleheads.  How cool is that?KISSCapture
Today, I picked up my daughter from school and we headed to Anaheim.

After walking around Downtown Disney and making a very un-metal-like Frozen purchase, we headed to The Honda Center to will call round around the time doors opened for the event.     



There were many LA KISS members onsite with plenty of neat things to check out during the select a seat portion of the event.  

  DSC07332 DSC07328 DSC07374DSC07325DSC07334

It also made for a great time to check out the concert layout and stage set up.DSC07340 DSC07375  DSC07365 DSC07363 DSC07357 DSC07353  DSC07347 DSC07345 DSC07344  

DSC07321 DSC07415 DSC07418 DSC07425 DSC07421

The show was great and my kid was rocking out.  I brought some ear mufflers and ear plugs and was happy to see them on most other kids there as well.   The entire experience is beyond compare.   Between the songs, the lasers, the fire, the drums, the bass, the guitars and the singing, besides a toned down stage set, there wasn’t anything left out in this elaborate production.    DSC07454DSC07439 DSC07442 DSC07444  DSC07453 DSC07452 DSC07451 DSC07450 DSC07449 DSC07446  DSC07461 DSC07462 DSC07465 DSC07466 DSC07470 DSC07483 DSC07471 DSC07484 DSC07473 DSC07477 DSC07486 DSC07488 DSC07494 DSC07495 DSC07499 DSC07498 DSC07500 DSC07504 DSC07506 DSC07508 DSC07510 DSC07511 DSC07514 DSC07516 DSC07520 DSC07521 DSC07523 DSC07524 DSC07526 DSC07527 DSC07528 DSC07530 DSC07531 DSC07535 DSC07533 DSC07536 DSC07537 DSC07539 DSC07540 DSC07541 DSC07544 DSC07545 DSC07546 DSC07549 DSC07550 DSC07551 DSC07552 DSC07553 DSC07554 DSC07557 DSC07558 DSC07559 DSC07561 DSC07563 DSC07564 DSC07565 DSC07566 DSC07567 DSC07571 DSC07582 DSC07580 DSC07579 DSC07578 DSC07577 DSC07576 DSC07574 DSC07573 DSC07572 DSC07592 DSC07590 DSC07588 DSC07587 DSC07585 DSC07584

Thank you to the LA KISS and San Manuel Casino for the great prize package and to KISS and Honda Center for providing the best concert experience I’ve ever had with my kid.DSC07348


Set list:
Creatures of the Night
Psycho Circus
War Machine
Plaster Caster
Tears are Falling
Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
Lick It Up
Calling Dr. Love
Hell or Hallelujah
Bass Solo
(Gene spits blood)
I Love It Loud
Detroit Rock City
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made for Lovin’ You
Rock and Roll All Nite
God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You II


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