ELTON JOHN PICS AND CROWD PICS The Staples Center 10/5/2014

 DSC05317 DSC05129 DSC05131 DSC05133 DSC05134 DSC05137 DSC05142 DSC05147 DSC05149 DSC05152 DSC05206  DSC05159 DSC05207 DSC05162      DSC05242 DSC05238 DSC05178 DSC05255 DSC05253 DSC05252 DSC05250 DSC05256 DSC05285 DSC05274 DSC05211DSC05225 DSC05237 DSC05266 DSC05245 DSC05224 DSC05282 DSC05239 DSC05223 DSC05180DSC05217 DSC05227 DSC05216 DSC05200DSC05153DSC05213 DSC05193DSC05188DSC05202 DSC05228 DSC05286 DSC05289 DSC05296DSC05303






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