In looking forward to seeing Teresa Russell play tomorrow (Sunday 8/17/2014) at the Hueneme Beach Festival, it was a total treat to see her playing guitar on the patio of Seaside Seafood (it was called Andy’s back at least until early to mid- 2000s), which is located right next to the event.  Teresa is a local guitar legend and could easily be considered the female Stevie Ray Vaughan of Ventura County.   Along with her great vocal ability, she deserves to be up there with the true guitar greats.   DSC00428

Most every casual, local concertgoer, music fan and fair event attendee has seen her perform over the years and she always delivers.  

After grabbing a seat on the patio situated on Hueneme Beach, Teresa tore into some incredible acoustic Spanish guitar – some of the best guitar work you could imagine.   It was a true clinic of guitar playing and musicianship.


  DSC00419 DSC00420 DSC00421

She then switched to an electric guitar and did a fantastic version of “Smooth” by Carlos Santana.

Her jazzy playing and soulful vocals made for a great version of Let’s Stay Together“. 

DSC00439 DSC00431DSC00437 DSC00438DSC00430


 DSC00433DSC00437DSC00444 DSC00445 

Teresa’s killer blues playing, phrasing and unique guitar style made this song rock:

Sitting there thinking it’s a travesty that someone this incredibly talented isn’t playing huge shows for big money, it sure was nice to turn around and the see the waves in the ocean.     The music and the waves sort of drowned out that idea out.   In any case, it was a pleasant surprise and tomorrow will be another awesome show on the beach at 11:00AM.

  DSC004482014 Hueneme Beach Fest Poster




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